Dec 12, 2012

Around the World: KFC India - Fried Chicken with Curry Leaves!

For a limited-time, KFC India is offering a localized version of the Colonel's chicken with new Curry Crunch fried chicken.

The preparation for the chicken included frying them in Indian spices (i.e. curry spices) and then sprinkling them with curry leaves before serving.

Curry leaves are not to be confused with curry powder (which can be a number of varying spice mixtures based on South Asian cuisine). They're the leaves from the curry tree (which is also not used for curry powder...) and are often used in Indian cuisine in addition to, but not as part of, curry powder.

Interestingly, in India, curry leaves (which are edible) are typically picked out of food and not eaten. I think you'd have a hard time picking them out of the chicken here though.

New Curry Crunch chicken is offered for the same price as the standard Hot n Crispy chicken 69 rupees (~$1.27 US) for 1 piece of chicken to 599 rupees (~$11.04 US) for a 12-piece bucket.


  1. I am an American working over in India. I have recently tried the Curry Crunch chicken. Visually there wasn't much of a difference between this and the normal crispy chicken. It seems they have replaced the original recipe with this, which is surprising. I have to say the curry leaves come through very strongly and the flavor of the breading is pretty good. They did a good job but the curry leaves were a bit too strong in my opinion. A nice balance would be to add some of the spiciness of the hot & crispy chicken to this. Overall, it's better than I expected but definitely not as good as the original recipe. Maybe the market here in India didn't like the original recipe.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I've never had curry leaves before so I'm pretty curious as to what they taste like.

    I think that's exactly what happened: Original Recipe just wasn't selling and they went with something more suited to Indian tastes to see what sticks.


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