Nov 11, 2013

News: Domino's - $5.99 Carryout Large, 2-Topping Pizza Deal

Domino's is offering large, 2-topping pizzas for $5.99 on carryout orders only all this week starting today.

To take advantage, simply click on the link prominently displayed on the Domino's online ordering page and it will be added to your order.

The offer ends on Sunday, November 17, 2013.

A large, 2-topping pizza is normally $13.49 in my area without any discounts (the deal is also $2 less than the $7.99, 3-topping large carryout deal they offer Mondays through Thursdays).

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  1. I fucking love this website...,

  2. Pizza Hut has something similar: $5.99 for a cheese or pepperoni hand-tossed pizza (only in that crust) and it is for this week (just like Domino's). To get this promo use the code "THANKS".

  3. Subway is always coming up with an interesting combination. I like the fact that most of their ingredients are based on what is in season. Cheese is always a good ingredient. do they have vegan cheese?

  4. That seems to be for select markets only. It doesn't seem to work in my area and there's no mention of it on the Pizza Hut website.

  5. It probably is select markets. It's not workin over here either.

  6. I tried to purchase this Domino's deal "in person" at my local store and it wasn't offered. Apparently this special is "online only". I did go ahead and get the 3 topping for $7.99 deal as I was already there. I did feel a little cheated though.

    That being said the pizza was very good, and their bacon is way better than any other chain pizza restaurant.

  7. you should have just ordered on your phone

  8. Yeah, bunch of crap. You can't actually get this offer anywhere I've checked. Local place had no idea what I was talking about. Last time I waste my time with Dominos.


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