Apr 2, 2014

Around the World: Pizza Hut's Latest in Hong Kong is Crust Stuffed with Fish Eggs

Pizza Hut's latest limited-time pizza over in Hong Kong is a seafood lover's dream featuring a crust stuffed with salmon-flavored cream cheese and flying fish roe (i.e. fish eggs). They're calling it the "Flying Fish Roe Salmon Cream Cheese Pizza."

The new pizza is available with two topping combinations: Crayfish Seafood Deluxe and Sausage, Pepperoni & Pomelo.

The Crayfish Seafood Deluxe is a veritable cornucopia of the ocean and comes topped with crayfish, scallops, shrimp, clams, cherry tomatoes, peppers, red onions, and thousand island sauce. There's also a wedge of lime thrown in for the seafood.

The Sausage, Pepperoni & Pomelo comes topped with sausage, pepperoni, cherry tomatoes, peaches, mushrooms, peppers, berry sauce, and pomelo (a type of citrus fruit similar to a grapefruit but not as bitter) sauce.

The price tag on a large Seafood Deluxe Flying Fish Roe Salmon Cream Cheese Pizza is $184 HK (~$23.72 US), while the Sausage, Pepperoni & Pomelo is a bit cheaper at $168 HK (~$21.66 US)