Apr 3, 2014

Review: KFC - Orange Ginger and Bacon Ranch Dip 'Ems Sauces

Along with the return of KFC Dip 'Ems (i.e. chicken tenders with dipping sauce), came the return of two limited-time sauces at KFC: Orange Ginger and Bacon Ranch. Since I missed them the first time around, I decided to remedy that and try them now.

The sauces are available (in varying amounts) with the purchase of any number of Extra Crispy Chicken Tenders (I bought two Go Cups, which were $2.49 each and came with two sauces in total).

The tenders themselves weren't so great on this occasion. There was more batter than meat and they had steamed somewhat in the Go Cup, which left them a little chewy rather than extra crispy.

The Orange Ginger sauce starts with a sweet very orange-y top note followed by a gingery bite and just a hint of heat. It's ideal if you're looking for a citrusy sweetness.

The Bacon Ranch tastes mostly like a standard buttermilk ranch but with a hint of bacony smokiness. It adds another dimension to your typical ranch without going too far afield.

Overall, both KFC's Orange Ginger and Bacon Ranch Dip 'Ems sauces were enjoyable, especially if you're looking for a bit more variety than their standard selection of sauces. The Bacon Ranch fits slightly better with the Extra Crispy Tenders' seasoning but the Orange Ginger is still good.