Jan 4, 2015

Carvel Brings Back Oreo Mint Ice Cream

Oreo Mint is once again being featured at Carvel for a limited time as they kick off the New Year. In addition to hand-scooped and soft-serve ice cream, they've also added the new Oreo Mint Deluxe 8" Cake and Oreo Hidden Treasure Cone.

The new cake features layers of fresh-made chocolate and mint ice cream separated by Oreo cookie pieces and topped with fudge and Oreo cookies. It's available for $19.99.

The Oreo Hidden Treasure Cone can be made with either vanilla or mint ice cream dipped in chocolate with fudge-covered Oreo cookie pieces inside the cone.

The available varieties of mint flavors include Mint soft serve, Oreo with mint ice cream, and Oreo Cookies and Cream hand-scooped ice cream. There's also an Oreo Mint Sundae Dasher, which comes with layers of mint ice cream, Oreo cookie pieces, and hot fudge, topped with whipped cream and a dusting of Oreo cookie pieces.

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