May 17, 2015

Buffalo Wild Wings Introduces New Express Lunch Menu for When You're in a Hurry

Buffalo Wild Wings now offers a new express lunch menu that they're calling the "B-Dubs Fast Break Lunch program." The whole idea is for you to be able to get in and out in about 30 to 40 minutes.

Here's the official breakdown of the program according to Buffalo Wild Wings:
- Restaurant staff will immediately identify Guests who have a limited window for lunch and may place a Fast Break Lunch card on their table to help ensure an expedited lunch experience.
- Guests select from a “Pick 2” menu option at three price points, and can choose from one of seven entrees and one of seven sides like Chicken Tortilla Soup, fries or side salads.
- "Aside from the “Pick 2” menu, Guests also have the option to choose snack and small portion sizes of hand-spun boneless and traditional wings, which come with fries.
- The program is available weekdays between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. at all U.S. Buffalo Wild Wings locations.
I was given the opportunity to try the program for myself courtesy of the folks at Buffalo Wild Wings. Here's how it went down:

I got to the restaurant at about 1 PM. While it wasn't very busy, besides myself, there was one other party waiting in line due to someone trying to decide on their take-out order. Not sure why they didn't have a separate queue for take-out and seating but ended up waiting about 10 minutes for the person to order before we got seated (they didn't ask if we were there for the Fast Break Lunch program).

Once we got seated it went pretty smoothly. We just asked for the Fast Break menu, which featured seven entrees at several price points ($5.99, $7.99, and $8.99) as well as two options for the chain's signature wings with a choice of saucing or seasoning (It was $6.79 for a "Snack" and $9.99 for a "Small"). A free drink and a choice of a side was also included in the price.

The entree choices included Garden Salad, Chicken Buffalito, Garden Salad with Chicken, Slammers, Honey BBQ Chicken Salad, Southwest Prime Rib Sandwich, and Chicken BLT.

I ended up going with a "Snack" size order of wings and the Honey BBQ Chicken Salad.

The side choices consisted of French fries, potato wedges, Buffalo chips, chips & salsa, Caesar side salad, and garden side salad (Yes, you can get a garden side salad to go with your garden salad).

There were also a number of add-ons for an additional charge. The menu is available for dine-in or takeout so if you were really in a hurry, you could call ahead and really be in and out.

The food came out about 5 minutes after we ordered, which is really fast for a sit-down restaurant. I'm guessing they have most if not all the menu components prepped and ready during the lunch period. The wings were warm rather than hot but still tasty (it's not like they can freshly fry them very quickly if you're in a hurry). The carrot sticks were a little sad though and dry on the outside; they reminded me of the ones I got at snack time in pre-school, but I guess you're not going to Buffalo Wild Wings for the carrot sticks.

Besides, the wait before getting seated, the Buffalo Wild Wings' express lunch program went about as well as can be expected although I'm curious as to how quick it would be if the lunch hour was really busy.

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