May 11, 2015

Review: El Pollo Loco - Carne Asada Wet Burrito

El Pollo Loco's Carne Asada Wet Burrito features marinated steak, pinto beans, rice, shredded Monterey Jack cheese, and pico de gallo wrapped inside of a 12" flour tortilla, topped with enchilada sauce, crumbled cotija cheese, and fresh cilantro.

I got one for $5 with a coupon but it's normally $6.99 in my area.

The enchilada sauce was thick and paste-like rather than a liquid. It was very robust with a combination of spicy and tangy. Unfortunately, it was too robust and overpowered much of the burrito. The cotija cheese on top adds a salty bite that's completely unnecessary with the enchilada sauce. The cilantro was literally a single sprig pressed into the burrito's surface.

The flour tortilla was grilled with a nice crisp layer that stood up decently against the wetness of the sauce.

Inside the burrito, the steak was tender and lightly seasoned with a nice sear to it. The rice and beans offered an earthy base that counterbalances the enchilada sauce a little. The pico de gallo and Monterey Jack were a bit lacking in presence and I found myself wishing that there was a lot more of both, especially the cheese.

Overall, El Pollo Loco's Carne Asada Wet Burrito was disappointing to me mostly because of the intensity of the enchilada sauce, which left me wishing I had just ordered a regular burrito. I ended scraping off much of the sauce for a more balanced flavor.

Nutritional Info - Carne Asada Wet Burrito (16.4 oz)
Calories - 770 (from Fat - 260)
Fat - 29g (Saturated Fat - 11g)
Sodium - 2360mg
Carbs - 88g (Sugar - 5g)
Protein - 37g

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