May 12, 2015

Review: Arby's - Garlic Parmesan Housemade Chips

Arby's Garlic Parmesan Housemade Chips feature thick-cut, kettle-style chips fried daily in-house and tossed in a seasoning of roasted garlic and Parmesan cheese.

I bought this as part of a combo (which replaced their fries at no charge) but they go for $2.29 if you order them on their own.

They went with a brown bag for these rather than the branded packaging of last time:

Compared to store-bought kettle potato chips, these didn't have the same hard crunch. Instead, there was a lighter, airier crunch and texture (I should note that they were crunchier when offered for a limited-time last year, so it could be due to batch variation or by design).

Most of the chips were crisp but there was one or two where the center was a little soft.

If you prefer bold Doritos-style seasonings, you might be disappointed here. The garlic and Parmesan flavor are definitely there but not in a beat-you-over-the-head kind of way; moderation was the word here so there was still a lot of potato to be enjoyed.

Overall, I really liked Arby's Garlic Parmesan Housemade Chips. It's a refreshing alternative to French fries that isn't often found at similar fast food establishments, and the garlic-Parmesan combo is solid.

Nutritional Info - Arby's Garlic Parmesan Housemade Chips (57g)
Calories - 290 (from Fat - 130)
Fat - 14g (Saturated Fat - 2.5g)
Sodium - 370mg
Carbs - 36g (Sugar - 1g)
Protein - 4g

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