May 23, 2015

Review: The Coffee Bean - Affogato Ice Blended with Cookies

The Coffee Bean's new Affogato option for their Ice Blended tops the drink off with a shot of espresso. It's part of their current build-your-own Ice Blended promo.

I picked up a small Affogato Dark Chocolate Ice Blended with cookies blended in for $2 during their recent open house. It's otherwise an 80-cent upcharge for the shot of espresso (may vary).

Because the shot is poured over the Ice Blended rather than mixed in before blending, it added an uneven dose of powerful coffee flavor. It dulled the sweetness and dark chocolate of the drink's normal flavor where encountered. As it mixed in, it evened out into an added edge to the dark chocolate.

The cookie sandwich (like Oreos) pieces were blended so finely that they didn't added any texture. Instead, there was an added chocolaty end note that worked out rather nicely.

Overall, both The Coffee Bean's Affogato option and cookies option were fairly enjoyable. The espresso shot is nice if you want some extra coffee flavor, while the cookies seem like they would work with most Ice Blended varieties, although the lack of texture was surprising.

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