May 4, 2015

Review: Papa John's - Garlic Knots

Papa John's Garlic Knots feature twisted bread knots made with pizza dough and tossed in garlic parmesan sauce.

An order of 8 cost me an even $4.

The knots were of a pretty good size and were bigger than most of the nearby pizzerias that offer them. The price is pretty competitive as well, and since Papa John's doesn't offer a dine-in option, the knots were fresh-baked rather than sitting in a warmer or reheated.

That being said, like Papa John's pizza crust, which has a tendency to not crisp unless you ask for it "well done," these were mostly soft at the surface save for the very ends. Inside, the crumb was warm, airy, and a little too chewy. The chewiness got a lot worse as the knots cooled, kind of like a baguette when you store it in an airtight plastic bag.

The garlic parmesan sauce was nice, featuring even notes of garlic and parmesan with just a slight butteriness. Sauce coverage was good and consistent.

The pizza sauce that came with comes in a sealed little cup. It's a little on the sweet side with an over-seasoned, stewed flavor.

Overall, Papa John's Garlic Knots were pretty enjoyable if a little on the chewy side. The dipping sauce wasn't so great though. Fortunately, the garlic parmesan sauce covering the knots delivered plenty of flavor.

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