May 21, 2015

Krispy Kreme Korea Gets Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches

Krispy Kreme South Korea introduces new Kool Kreme soft serve and is featuring the ice cream in an assortment of new items, including donut ice cream sandwiches.

The Kool Donut ice cream sandwich comes in three varieties: Caramel, Chocolate, and Strawberry. All versions feature a hole-less donut sliced in half and then filled with Kool Kreme and one of three flavor swirls. Each ice cream sandwich seems to come topped with a different nut, but all share the sprinkling of powdered sugar.

A Kool Donut ice cream sandwich goes for 3000 Won (~$2.73 US).

The Rich Caramel Sundae features an original glazed donut topped with a serving of Kool Kreme, caramel drizzzle, and what appears to be rice crisps (could also be nuts). A Rich Caramel Sundae will sell for 3000 Won (~$2.73 US).

Also being featured is the new Kool Affogato, a twist on the classic dessert where an espresso shot is poured over ice cream. It comes in two varieties: Espresso, which is a simple affair of Kool Kreme sitting atop espresso and topped with a coffee bean; and Caramel, featuring Kool Kreme on top of espresso with a caramel drizzle and rice crisps.

The Espresso Kool Affogato comes in at 3000 Won (~$2.73 US) whereas the Caramel Kool Affogato costs 3500 Won (~$3.19 US).

The Kool Kreme is also available by itself for 1000 Won (~$0.91 US).

Kool Kreme has been available since the end of March, but no word on the duration of the new menu items.

If this looks familiar to some of you, Krispy Kreme also offers Kool Kreme here in the U.S., but only at select locations. Stores that serve Kool Kreme also offer Doughnut Sundaes, where you can choose a donut, Kool Kreme flavor, and top it off with either Hot Fudge, Caramel, Butterscotch, Strawberry sauce, or Chocolate syrup. Kool Kreme can also be had in a cone or in a shake.

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