May 27, 2015

Lotteria Japan's Latest Burger Comes Filled with Rice Instead of Beef

Lotteria Japan's latest limited-time offering is the carb-indulgent Mongolian Bowl Burger, which completely eschews beef in favor of a patty made entirely of white rice.

Accompanying the aforementioned plain rice patty is sauteed cabbage, mayonnaise, and a "hot and sour soup" sauce, which looks like it contains tofu and possibly pork.

Also making a return to Lotteria is noodles-as-a-patty in the Mongolian Tanmen Burger, which features a mound of noodles topped with sauteed cabbage, miso, and the same sweet and sour sauce. The Mongolian Tanmen Burger comes with a cup of actual hot and sour soup on the side to mimic its namesake dish, which is a noodle soup similar to ramen.

The two limited-time items were created in partnership with Moko Tanmen Nakamoto, a chain of Mongolian-style ramen restaurants in the Tokyo area, hence the reference to Mongolia in the burger names.

The Mongolian Bowl Burger costs 340 Yen (~$2.75 US) whereas the  Mongolian Tanmen Burger goes for 650 Yen (~$5.26 US). Both limited-time burgers were released on May 19 and are slated to stick around until the end of June.

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