May 20, 2015

You Can Now Order Domino's By Tweeting Them the Pizza Emoji

Domino's now offers the option to order pizza by tweeting them the pizza emoji i.e. literally sending them an icon that looks like a pizza slice.

Now you might be wondering, "How will they know what I want?" and the reply will not be "They're in your head, man!" Instead, you'll need to add your Twitter handle to your Domino's Pizza Profile (which you'll need to set up if you don't have one) and will need to set up an "Easy Order." An "Easy Order" is basically a pre-set order that you set up; your go-to order if you will.

You can then order your Easy Order by either tweeting #EasyOrder or the pizza emoji to Domino's Twitter handle: @Dominos. Domino's will then reply via an automated direct message with your saved Easy Order and you simply need to confirm to complete the order.

I'm guessing the next step will be geolocation and pizza delivery drones to deliver your pizza to you wherever you may be (both are technically possible already).

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