May 30, 2015

Starbucks Testing New Express Format Store

Starbucks is testing a new express store format out in New York that aims to streamline service for customers that want their java as quickly as possible.

The press release describes the new express format as the "espresso shot" version of the Starbucks experience.

The pilot test store is located in the heart of Wall Street, directly across from the New York Stock Exchange. Geared towards busy professionals, the store occupies a mere 538 square feet (compared to the Starbucks average of about 1700 square feet) and contains no seating in order to maximize space. Instead, there is a bar near the entrance where an employee stands to take orders as soon as a customer walks in.

Having mobile-ordering positions around the store is supposed to help to manage wait times during the busier hours by staggering orders and payments, thus ensuring that customers receive fast and convenient service.

For those who want to see all of their options or don't yet know their orders, four monitors display a rotating menu tailored to New York customers to the right of the entry.

Starbucks is planning to open an additional four test stores in New York in 2015. No word yet on whether the express format will eventually make its way to other major metropolitan areas.

Photo by Starbucks.

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