May 26, 2015

Review: Subway - Chicken Caprese Sandwich

Subway's Chicken Caprese Sandwich is something they're testing and features antibiotic-free sliced chicken, fresh mozzarella, tomato, spinach, and basil mayo on flatbread.

A 6-inch sub cost me $5. In case you're wondering (like I was wondering), the name is pronounced ca-pre-se and not ca-prese.

It was really surprising how much fresh mozzarella found its way into the sub. There was more than enough for each and every bite. Subway isn't actually known for their largess but this might be an exception. The cheese was soft, moist, and creamy with a nice bit of gooey stretch. Be warned that the moisture will make your sandwich a little soggy if you're getting it to-go.

The basil mayo provided a really strong and excellent basil flavor. Usually with flavored mayo it's heavy on the mayo and light on the flavor, but this was the exact opposite. It actually worked well as a savory substitute in lieu of actual basil.

The tomatoes were nicely ripened and there was plenty of spinach. Both were fresh and fairly flavorful.

The chicken was moist and tender with a lightly seasoned, meaty flavor.

The flatbread was just okay, it's not exactly fresh and got a little hard as it cooled.

Overall, Subway's Chicken Caprese was really good. There's enough flavor that you could easily go without the chicken if you were so inclined. Everything was fairly spot-on and the cheese and basil mayo were especially so. The only weakpoint was the bread.

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