May 13, 2015

Review: Wingstop - Serrano Pepper Glazed Wings

Wingstop's Serrano Pepper Glazed Wings feature "a kick of fresh citrus and a roasted serrano pepper heat that lingers."

An order of 10 wings is normally $7.69 but I received these courtesy of Wingstop.

The wings are a medium size as far as the wings I've encountered go. They're fried-to-order and piping hot as a result but were not particularly crispy due to the saucing. Inside, they're juicy but not tender with a few tough portions.

For whatever reason, my wings were literally swimming in sauce. It kind of looked like a braise rather than anything. Heat-wise, I found the first wing moderately spicy but they're not kidding about the "lingering" bit.

As I got to my third or fourth wing, my nose was running, my lips were starting to sting, and my eyes were tearing a little. Perhaps it was due in part to the copious saucing, but the heat really builds with these. My lips still stung as I got into the car to leave; most of the spicy fast food items I've tried for the blog were either milder or the heat just didn't stick around for very long.

Flavor-wise, the sauce brought a sweet and tangy lime flavor with an herby component as well as some fresh serrano pepper notes. It's actually a nice combination if you can stand the heat (which falls in the middle of the spectrum according to the menu poster at Wingstop), which was pretty substantial for me.

Overall, Wingstop's Serrano Pepper Glazed Wings offer a really nice flavor combination but packs a fiery punch with definite staying power. If you're the type of person who douses Tabasco sauce (or something spicier) on everything, you'll get a decent kick out of these, but if you find black pepper or KFC Hot Wings spicy, you might literally singe your mouth.

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