May 27, 2015

KFC Brings Back Colonel as Part of Rebranding Effort

KFC has brought back the Colonel to sell their chicken in new ad spots. The move is part of a rebrand that includes new menu items, packaging, and store re-design.

The Colonel is portrayed by SNL alum, Darrell Hammond (best known to me as Sean Connery from the many Celebrity Jeopardy skits).

New menu items include Kentucky Baked Beans with Slow Pulled Chicken and Finger Lickin' Good sauce.
The new baked beans features white beans cooked in a sweet southern BBQ sauce and finished with pieces of pulled chicken.

The new sauce is creamy and tangy featuring the flavor of KFC's Original Recipe seasoning.

They've also added Dole brand lemonade to the drink selection.

Here's a look at the new packaging:

The exterior shots of the new store redesign mirrors the look:

The interior shots as well:

Check out the bucket ceiling light.

KFC hasn't used the Colonel in ad spots here in the U.S. for quite some time. He was last seen in animated form back in 2001.

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