May 19, 2015

Coffee Bean Launches Build-Your-Own Ice Blendeds for Summer

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf goes with a customization kick this summer by offering new and returning options to customize their Ice Blended drink, including pouring an espresso shot on top of it.

The new option is an espresso shot pour over that they're calling the Affogato option, which is named after the Italian dessert where a shot of espresso is poured over ice cream or gelato.

Returning is the Cookies option, where they'll blend chocolate cookie sandwich pieces (think generic Oreos) into your Ice Blended.

Also available are the current menu Ultimate (blending in chocolate espresso beans) and Extreme (double the coffee) options.

To get your to try the new drink options, participating Coffee Bean locations will be offering any small 12-oz Ice Blended drink for a discounted $2 on Thursday, May 21, 2015, from 2-6 PM.

The limited-time customization options are available available through Sunday, August 30, 2015 (although I'm guessing you'll still be able to add an espresso shot over your Ice Blended, so basically it's just the Cookie option that'll be gone).

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