Mar 29, 2012

Neat! Burger King Singapore's New Look

Out in Singapore (and Malaysia and Japan), Burger King is trying a new, warmer restaurant design that is meant to attract more families.

I like it; it's a little bit more steak house, a little less... generic fast food restaurant. It seems like a lot of competitors like McDonald's and Wendy's are pushing forward with more upscale (well, relatively...) and updated restaurants and this look from Burger King is distinctive and neat!

There are no plans to bring the design to the U.S. but wouldn't it be nice?
The menu is the same as any other Burger King in the country. I wonder if they could have kept the same lighting in the kitchen area; the contrast is a bit jarring.
The outside is reminds me a bit of a greenhouse. There are actually small potted plants inside the restaurant.

You can check out more shots of the restaurant and design on the Burger King Singapore Facebook page here.

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  1. I doubt you will find much gum stuck to the bottom of the tables in Singapore.


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