Mar 13, 2012

News: Hostess- New, Limited-time Spring Twinkies and SnoBalls

Hostess is celebrating the Spring with two new, limited-edition Twinkies and SnoBalls.

New Lemon Creme Twinkies are the result of a contest a while back where fans voted on what would be the next Twinkie Flavor. Lemon Creme beat out other flavors like Raspberry Tart, Cookies 'n Creme, and Blueberry Pie.

As for Springtime SnoBalls, instead of pink, the creme-filled chocolate cakes coated in marshmallow and coconut will be lavender for the a limited time.


  1. Lemon Creme?  Any of the other flavors sound 100 times better..How did that win?  Must have been an internet joke..BLEECH

  2.  I was thinking the same thing.  All of the other choices sound like they would be at least worth a try... but lemon?  In Twinkies?  That sounds kind of gross to me.


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