Mar 25, 2012

Neat! McDonald's Finland Puts Chips in Your Burger

Apparently McDonald's offered this in Finland before and now it's back: the Nacho Jr.

Something like throwing a small bag of tortilla chips in your McDonald's hamburger after a late night, the Nacho Jr. comes in three versions with varying patties(vegetarian, hamburger, or fried chicken) and is topped with tortilla (or "nacho") chips, lettuce, salsa, and sour cream.

No cheese! But still neat!


  1. That's interesting, I might have to try a homemade version. I put potato chips or fries in my burgers once in a while, but I've never tried tortilla chips.

  2. Inside the meat or upon the meat's surface.


    Consider meatloaf with oatmeal or other stuff mixed in with the meat.

    I suppose the same can be done with tater chips.

    When soy meal or whatever is mixed in with ground up burger the taste of the grade school cafeteria hamburgers is achieved as well as the Stewert Sandwich Wrangler heat-and-eat grub that disappeared in the early 1980s or so. (link to the sad story:

    Oh how I miss that apparently pre-microwave era incredible edible.

    Sniff.  Sob.

    A few years back 7-11 convenience stores (some) in California had their cheap burgers wrapped in foil and a condiment bar where I loaded their soy-included burger with onions, tomatoes etc. and made a relatively healthy burger with a huge pile of veggies upon it.

    Finland? Did a Finland McD mail you one?


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