Mar 15, 2012

News: McDonald's Testing 1/4 lb Angus Burgers

Looks like McDonald's is testing out 1/4 lb versions of their Angus Burgers out in select locations out in Ohio (Napoleon, OH and Swanton, OH confirmed). Thanks for Brand Eating reader Chipster22 for the picture and the tip.

The quarter pound version seem to be a slightly more health conscious option offering the same toppings and condiments but with the whole grain bakery-style bun that is now used on McDonald's Premium Chicken Sandwiches.

Whether or not the test ends up becoming a permanent roll out remains to be seen, but the smaller Angus Burger seems to fit in well with their Premium Chicken sandwich changes of last year.


  1. I was curious if there would be a price difference between the 1/3# version and the 1/4# version so I checked.  The 1/4# one is 30 cents cheaper.

    $4.49 for the 1/3# at Wauseon, Ohio as of last weekend.
    $4.19 for the 1/4# at Napoleon, Ohio today.

  2. The Napoleon McDonalds is back to the 1/3# version.  I asked a member of management at the store if the 1/4# sandwich was just a test and she said yes.

  3. Oh, and the price remains $4.19 at Napoleon despite going back to the larger size.


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