Mar 16, 2012

News: Panda Express Testing Paw Plate

Panda Express is testing a "Paw Plate" out in several markets according to QSR Magazine. The Paw Plate is shaped to somewhat resemble a bear paw replaces Panda Express' traditional two-entree plate in these test markets.

Basically instead of getting two large-sized entrees, you get three smaller ones which gives you a little more variety if you so choose but overall the same amount of food for the same price. The plates also have the extra benefits of being recyclable, microwavable, and dishwasher safe.

It also happens to convey the brand a little better than a white styrofoam box.

Test markets include select locations in: Bakersfield and Santa Barbara in California; Spokane in Washington; Indianapolis in Indiana; Yakima in Washington; and Columbus in Ohio. For a complete list of locations testing the Paw Plate and other details check out the Panda Express website.


  1. WouldibuyitagainMonday, March 19, 2012

    Had one of these in Indy. Great idea, the people around us loved it. I think that it was 6.35. A pretty good deal

  2. Yeah, that sounds about right. I think it's a pretty cool idea but I'd probably still end up getting 3-medium sized servings of orange chicken. You have to find a busy one and try that stuff fresh... It is awesome fresh!


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