Mar 26, 2012

Review: Carl's Jr. - Southwest Patty Melt

The Carl's Jr. Southwest Patty Melt features a charbroiled beef patty (single, double, "Six Dollar Burger" style) with sliced jalapeƱos, grilled onions, Pepper Jack cheese, and a spicy Santa Fe sauce sandwiched by grilled sourdough bread.

I've actually never tried a "Six Dollar Burger" of any variety at Carl's Jr so I decided to pick one up on this occasion for $4.99 (the single version was selling for $2.99 and the double for a dollar more than that).

It's nice to have a fast food chain burger every once in a while where the meat outsizes the bun. The patty looked a bit dry at the surface and I hoped it would not be dry on the inside. It wasn't. It was actually moist... not quite juicy but moist. It had a judiciously seasoned beefy flavor (unlike BK's Chef's Choice which I found to be overly seasoned). The overall effect was tasty. I'm sorry I didn't try it sooner.
I like the slightly crisp surface texture of grilled bread; it's a nice change from the standard bun and adds a little variety.
You can see from the pictures that there is enough jalapenos slices for every bite and they give that slightly pickled jalapeno heat. I would say moderately spicy but never uncomfortably so i.e. I never started sweating or frantically filling a glass of milk (not water because that just makes the burning worse). I didn't notice the sauce so much; maybe it blended with the jalapeno flavor.
The cheese lends a nice melted creaminess if only a mild flavor (a second slice of cheese would have added some extra effect). I would have liked a just a little bit more sweet, caramelized onion flavor but I think there was the right amount for most people.

Overall, I enjoyed the Carl's Jr.Southwest Patty Melt Six Dollar Burger very much. Very good stuff!

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Nutritional Info - Carl's Jr. Southwest Patty Melt Six Dollar Burger (305g)
Calories - 890 (from Fat - 560)
Fat - 63g (Saturated Fat - 21g)
Sodium - 1970mg
Carbs - 42g (Sugar - 3g)
Protein - 47g


  1. Huddled here in the hovel I am surprised that more firms do not use a toasted sourdough-type roll to encase their burgers or other sandwich types.

    The vittles pictured look yummy to me.

    When cooking at home try using a toasted English muffin with your cheeseburger or whatever.

    That combo gets a Disgruntled Old Coots "tongues up."

  2. I would love to try it, sadly it won't be posible, I dont live in USA. That toasty touch on the bums is classy!


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