Mar 25, 2012

News: Kashi - New Soft n' Chewy Bars

Kashi, best known for their natural food selections, is out with new Soft n' Chewy Bars which offer one half serving of fruits and one half serving of vegetables.

The new soft-baked bars come in one flavor: Banana Chocolate Chip, featuring the taste of banana bread paired with dark chocolate chips.

Of course, each bar features Kashi's signature blend of 7 whole grains and provides a half serving of fruit from apples and banana and a half serving of vegetables from pumpkin.

A box of five 40g bars retails for a suggested price of $3.89.

According to the Kashi website, as of this date, only 57% of reviewers have loved the Soft n' Chewy Banana Chocolate Chip Bar.

Nutritional Info - Kashi Soft n' Chewy Banana Chocolate Chip Bar
Serving Size - 1 bar (40g)
Calories - 140 (from Fat - 25)
Fat - 3g (Saturated Fat - .5g)
Sodium - 125mg
Carbs - 25g (Sugar - 9g)
Protein - 3g


  1. Carrie NiernbergerMonday, March 26, 2012

    I made the mistake of buying these. They were awful. I passed the remaining four around my office and no one liked them. They are bitter with a burned taste and don't taste like banana at all. It's peculiar. 

  2. Ah, that's a shame. Yeah, 57% "loved it" is a pretty low percentage on their website.

  3. "...the taste of banana bread"

    My feeble mind pulls up the memory of banana nut bread Ma mad and various others.

    Home made stuff.

    So yummy.


    Warm from the oven?  My liver quivered in anticipation of a savory slice of the stuff.

    I would consider proposing to the gal who cooked a loaf or two or three or more if I was visiting her shanty.

    Any female banana nut bread bakers hereabouts?

    I have a paid-for humble hovel, a mere shanty but it is paid for and will ease exiting during these trying-times-for-many bad economic times!!!!!!!

    Hint hint.


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