Mar 2, 2012

News: Freschetta - Now with Sea Salt and Olive Oil in the Sauce

I've been seeing sea salt and olive oil added to some of the frozen meals I've tried so it shouldn't be too big a surprise that the Schwan Food Company has added sea salt and olive oil to the pizza sauce of their line of Freschetta Brick Oven pizzas.

The Freshette Brick Oven pizzas whose sauce is now made with sea salt and olive oil include: 5 Italian Cheese, Pepperoni and Italian Style Cheese, Zesty Italian Style Supreme, Spinach & Mushroom, and Three Meat Medley.

It looks like they're looking to expand the inclusion of sea salt and olive oil sauce to other Freschetta pizzas as well; the Naturally Rising line of Freschetta pizzas is to include sea salt and olive oil later this year.

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  1. "Sea salt"

    Just another marketing ploy in the Old Coot's Opinion.


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