Mar 5, 2012

News: Cold Stone Creamery - New Frozen Yogurt Creations and Shakes

For a limited-time Cold Stone Creamery is making new Creations and Shakes made from Cold Stone’s low-fat, low-calorie yogurt. The new creations and shakes feature Vanilla, Chocolate and Raspberry Yogurt flavors paired with Fruits, Pie Crust, Fudge and other Mix-ins in various combinations.

For Yogurt Creations, Coldstone is serving up three varieties: Strawberry Crumble, Chocolate Banana Indulgence, and Berries Upon Berries

Strawberry Crumble combines vanilla yogurt with strawberries and pieces of graham cracker pie crust.

Chocolate Banana Indulgence takes chocolate yogurt and mixes it with fresh bananas and fudge.

Berries Upon Berries is raspberry frozen yogurt mixed with strawberries and blueberries.

In addition to the three Yogurt Creations, Cold Stone is featuring two Yogurt Shakes: Shake Them Berries and Powered by Chocolate.

Shake Them Berries features vanilla yogurt blended with strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries.

Powered By Chocolate blends chocolate yogurt with fudge.

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