Mar 31, 2012

Five McDonald's Pies to Try Around the World

McDonald's Blueberry Custard Pie

Here in the US, we're most familiar with McDonald's Apple Pie (now baked but once deep-fried) and the occasional regional or limited-time pies riffing on the more traditional pies (such as Mickey D's version of good old pumpkin).

But, it's a big world out there and there are McDonald's restaurants in over 100 countries (many where they still serve fried apple pies) so I searched far and wide to uncover these five interesting  McDonald's pies to try from all over the world.

First up (and shown above), is the Blueberry Custard Pie, available only for a limited time and only in... Pakistan! You would think from the ad that it could be a menu item here in the States (and very similar to the current limited-time Strawberry and Creme Pie) but then you'd notice it was fried and we don't get fried pies at our McDonald's.

Then, there's the Taro Pie in China:

McDonald's Taro Pie

They've had this before in other countries but currently it's available in China. It's very purple, no? I'm pretty sure there's food coloring involved.

Next, there's a staple of the Japanese McDonald's menu: the Bacon and Potato Pie.

McDonald's Bacon and Potato Pie

Is this Japan's take on American fast food? I've always though of bacon and potato soup as a more American/European thing. I'm not sure I'd like it in a pie.

Fourth, we go to Taiwan and the Mango Pineapple Pie (at least I think that's what it is, I can't read Mandarin but I can read pictures!)

McDonald's Mango Pineapple Pie

Finally, we go a little further south to Thailand and the Corn Pie (?!).

McDonald's Corn Pie

I'm not even sure if this is sweet or savory. I guess it could be a little bit of both. Corn's pretty versatile like that. Definitely not your typical pie filling but interesting, no?

I think of the five pies, the ones I'm most curious about are the Corn Pie and the Bacon and Potato pie. Of course, the ones that I actually think I'd enjoy are the Mango Pineapple and Blueberry Custard.

Which would you most like to try?


  1. I tried the corn when I was in Thailand. It tasted just like creamed corn.

  2. The Taro Pie Is Also Available in Hawaii.  I Got It While I Was On A Study Abroad In College

  3. In hawaii we only have fried, no baked. Taro and haupia are always available.

  4. I would try any and all of these except the Bacon & Potato one (I'm a vegetarian).  They all sound like they have the *potential* to be good.


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