Mar 7, 2012

News: Starbucks - "Espresso Twice, Half the Price" Event

Starbucks "Espresso Twice, Half the Price Event."

is kicking off spring with a "buy one, get one half-off" promo that they're calling the "Espresso Twice, Half the Price Event."

The event runs from Thursday, March 8 to Wednesday, March 14. During "Espresso Twice, Half the Price," if you buy any espresso-based drink before 11 a.m. and bring back your receipt the same day after 2 p.m., you can get a second espresso-based drink for half-price.

Basically, if you're picking up your morning and afternoon espresso- or latte-type drink from Starbucks anyways, you'll save some money (which if you consider that the average coffee drinker drinks about 3 cups a day and there's pretty much a Starbucks on every corner, is a pretty safe bet).

Starbucks has run similar promotions in the past such as their "Treat Receipt" promotion.

Photo via Starbucks.

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