Mar 9, 2012

Frozen Friday: Marie Callender's - Swedish Meatballs

Marie Callender's Swedish Meatballs (aka Beef Stroganoff except with meatballs) is served with egg noodle pasta and a sour cream sauce.

The box touts a new recipe but I'd never tried it before so I really can't comment on the old recipe.

A 13-ounce box retails for about $3.99 but it's not uncommon to find it on sale around $2 to $2.50.

This is one of those meals that ends up looking a fair bit like the box picture. It's also one of those meals that is pretty hard to screw up.
The meat balls were pretty big, tender, and had a bit of a seasoned flavor. There was a good amount too.

The noodles were a bit on the soft side but that's often the case with microwaved noodles.

The sauce was pretty standard with a just slight bit of sourness to the cream. There was little bit too much of it but I guess it keeps the noodles from drying out when cooking. I've had other meals where the sauce was a bit clumpy but this version was well blended and clung properly to the noodles and meatballs.
Beyond a bit too much sauce for my liking, Marie Callender's Swedish Meatballs was real good. If they had the sauce and the noodles separate and you had to mix then together after cooking, that might be even better. But then again the noodles might stick together that way.

Nutritional Info - Marie Callender's Swedish Meatballs (369g)
Calories - 470 (from Fat - 200)
Fat - 22g (Saturated Fat - 9g)
Sodium - 940mg
Carbs - 41g (Sugar - 2g)
Protein - 26g


  1. In what world does the product look remotely like the picture on the box? 

  2. One advantage, I suppose, if the eater eats but one box of the vittles that calorie consumption is easier to control than if the eater eated a similar meal but made at home using noodles from a BIG bag and meatballs made with ground cow and pink slime from a separate  container and some home-made sauce using sour cream from a 16 oz container etc.

    Of course, excess could be tossed into the fridge for heating up the next day but folks such as I tend to pile a mini-mountain of vittles atop a plate.

    Anyway-- good pic-taking and though the stuff looks "sloppy" the pics are reality and not done professionally and "made up" to enhance appearance artificially.

  3. Haha, maybe I'm used to food not looking like the picture but I think it I plated this properly it would look a lot like the picture at least compared to the other stuff I've reviewed...


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