Mar 19, 2012

News: McDonald's Dollar Menu Tweaks

McDonald's tweaks their value-priced Dollar Menu this month with the most notable changes being the removal small drinks and small French fries. The two popular menu items are being replaced with dessert: cookies and soft serve cones.

Additionally, McDonald's is reshuffling their menu board with some items being showcased in a new "Extra Value Menu" but is not actually changing the prices.

The items included in the menu include the 20-piece Chicken McNuggets (for $4.99 in most markets), Double Cheeseburgers, Snack Wraps, medium Iced Coffees, and snack-sized McFlurries plus regional options.

They've actually been testing the Extra Value Menu here in southern California since last year under the name "Extraordinary Value Menu." The items included here have been:

Snack Wraps for $1.49;
Double Cheeseburgers for $1.19;
20-piece Chicken McNuggets for $4.99;
Small fries for $1.19, pies for 50 cents and;
Soft Serve Ice Cream Cones for 69 cents.

As for the Dollar Menu, ours have looked like this since last year:

-Sweet Tea
-Fruit 'n Yogurt Parfait
-Side Salad
-Bottled Water
-Chocolate Dipped Cone
-2 Pies
-3 Cookies


  1. I was suprised to see the Big and Tasty on the list above.  That hasn't been offered around here (NW Ohio) for quite a while.

  2. That's surprising, I thought it was a national item. I remember it being more expensive though, closer to 3 bucks. 1.79 sounds pretty good.

  3. The only stuff in this part of CA for $1 is the mcDouble and some breakfast stuff.

    Oh, and every size of soda.

  4. I found this on GrubGrade in a post about McDonald's Daily Double sandwich:

    "Derek says:
    March 9, 2012 at 12:32 pm
    The Big N Tasty was recalled by Corporate within the United States. And is no longer available. I worked for McDonalds when it happened and it was a no excuse order to every store whether corporate or franchise to stop selling it.
    Also, the difference between the Big N’Tasty and the Daily Double is 1/20th a pound of meat."

  5. Huh. That's kinda weird. I'm pretty sure they still have it at my local McDonald's in CA (I'll be sure to check next time) and it's still on the company's website. I have a suspicion it might be regionally available though.

  6. As long as McDoubles, McChickens and the large sweet tea are still $1, that's all I care about.

  7. Big n Tasty is gone? I thought something was missing.

    Anyway, one of my conservative friends was lamenting about how Obama's poor economic handling would mean the end of the Dollar Menu. Could he have been right?


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