Mar 27, 2012

News: Torani - New Chicken 'n Waffles Syrup

Following on the heels of their cult favorite, Bacon syrup (seen in Jack in the Box's Bacon Shake), Torani (the company that makes the syrups you see at most coffeehouses, ice cream shops, bars, etc.), is coming out with Chicken N' Waffles Syrup in April. (What?!)

The flavor is described as "combining the crispy vanilla deliciousness of a waffle with the salty and greasy notes of fried chicken and that lovely end note of sweet maple syrup."

Suggested uses for the syrup include: "Sazeracs, Ice Cream Sundaes, Old-Fashions, Cupcakes."

If this sounds like something you'd enjoy (really?) or would like to try (perhaps on a dare?) you probably won't find it in too many stores, but there's always Torani's online store where they're sold in 750mL bottles for around $7 to $8.

If you do try it, please let me know how it goes and what you used it for.

Update 4/1/12: It was an April Fool's joke by Torani! They've updated the product page accordingly.


  1. That sounds positively disgusting. D:

  2. Sazeracs? Are they serious? The sazerac is a holy thing that should never be tainted by something like this. Get me the name of whoever wrote up that press release, because I'm going to smack them.

  3. Haha, it's actually on their website!

  4. I have to wonder who on earth thought this was a good idea.  ("If only I could just DRINK my chicken and waffles without all that hassle of cooking it... or even chewing it..."  ... "I know!  Let's try to put the flavor of chicken and waffles in SYRUP form!")

    Sounds pretty awful to me.

  5. Yeah... it was an April Fools prank.



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