Aug 19, 2012

Around the World: Dunkin' Donuts Korea - Monkey Banana Mini Donuts

So this summer, Dunkin' Donuts has been frying up donuts shaped like bananas in Korea. But, not just any bananas... mini bananas. They call them "Monkey' Banana" donuts (I think they mean "Monkey's Banana" or it could just be a random apostrophe).

They kinda look like bananas, but they also look like fat sausages. Maybe they should put them in a hot dog bun or roll for their next promotion.

As you can see, the promotion comes complete with a silly-looking monkey mascot.

The donuts comes in four flavors: Banana (of course), Green Apple, Strawberry, and Chocolate. Described as "chewy," the Monkey Bananas appear to be a type of cake donut possibly with glutinous rice flour somewhere in there for that chewy texture. They're also about the size of a mini banana; about 2 to 3 inches long it looks like.

You can check out a cross section of the donuts here:

You can see that the texture has a bigger air pockets than the standard cake donut here in the States.

For reference, here are some mini bananas:

Monkey Bananas are available in packs of 5 for 3,500 won (~$3.08) and packs of 10 for 7,000 won (~$6.19), but are on sale through 8/31/2012 for 2,800 won (~$2.46) won for the 5-pack and 4,900 ($4.31) won for the 10-pack.

According to Dunkin' Donuts, they've already sold over 5 million Monkey Bananas.