Aug 16, 2012

News: Kraft - Lunchables Now Available with Smoothies

Move over fruit juice! Three varieties of Lunchables now feature Chiquita Strawberry Banana Smoothies.

The smoothies are made with real fruit with no added sugar or sweeteners and count as a 1/2 cup serving of fruit.

The three Lunchables with Smoothie varieties are Turkey + Cheddar Sub Sandwich, Chicken Strips, and Deep Dish Pizza with Pepperoni.

They're not the tastiest things to feed your kids (or yourself), but they're relatively inexpensive convenient if you're pressed for time.

They retail between $3 and $4, varying from one region to another.


  1. The real question is... are the "smoothies" the kind that you squeeze out of a tube? You know... because nothing says "healthy" and "kid friendly" like squeezable smoothies... I mean "smoothies" (with emphasis on the quotation marks).

    Surely Kraft could come up with better ways of improving Lunchables. If they really wanted to.

  2. the smoothie has no "spout" so it tears your mouth like a freezie sometimes does. OUCH. Bought for a quick, easy, and high energy meal for my 6yr olds dance company performing in the hot sun all day. She advised the whole meal was ruined for her after the smoothie cut her up

  3. Aww... that sucks. Maybe they should include a straw like Capri Sun.


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