Aug 15, 2012

McDonald's Offers McWings Platter in Hong Kong

McDonald's McWings Platter.
McDonald's is offering a limited-time McWings Platter in Hong Kong featuring three different types of McWings: Original, BBQ, and new Smoky Hot.

The McWings Platter comes with 6 pieces (two of each type) for 30 Hong Kong Dollars (~$3.87) a la carte  or 40.80 Hong Kong Dollars (~$5.26) for a combo. The McWings come in a compartmentalized box to keep each variety separate.

This isn't the McWings Platters first time to the dance; last year, McDonald's Hong Kong also offered the McWings Platter, but with Lemon Honey McWings instead of Smoky Hot. They were cheaper too at 24.40 HKD (~$3.15).

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