Aug 11, 2012

Around the World: Subway Japan Serves Up Coronation Chicken

Subway Japan has been running a British-themed promotion with a few limited-time menu items including Coronation Chicken (which I've honestly never heard of except maybe in passing). The Subway version features a curry sauce that includes tomato paste, white wine, onion, paprika, and chickpeas and is served atop Subway's roast chicken. The sauce can also be added onto other subs.

Also included in the promotion is the Roast Beef sub (which is a regular menu item), but Subway Japan has recently improved their roast beef so that it is thicker and weighs 10% more (i.e. you get more meat). Check it out:
It actually looks like sliced roast beef and not deli meat. I kinda wished I had tried Subway while I was in Japan now. The price stands at 490 yen for a 6-inch; roughly $6.26.

Here's a picture of the Coronation Chicken Sub:

It's priced at 450 yen for a 6-inch sub which is about $5.75. I think it would just be called a curry chicken salad here in the States. Oddly, Subway does not serve a Coronation Chicken sub in the U.K.

Two drinks are also included in the promotion: Iced Royal Milk Tea and Mango Orange Juice

Iced Royal Milk Tea features Assam Tea with milk and costs 250 yen (~$3.19)

Mango Orange Juice is topped with frozen chunks of Mango and includes mango, orange, apple, and lemon juices. It's also 250 yen.

All photos courtesy of Subway Japan.