Aug 7, 2012

My Starbucks is Not This Nice: A Starbucks in Brazil

I thought this was a neat looking Starbucks that recently opened in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Between the wave-like ceiling and the blue lighting, there's a nice ocean motif going on that makes me think it's near the sea. So, I looked it up and yup, it's near the ocean. Makes sense, no?

I think it's supposed to feel like you're underneath the ocean maybe?

Another thing I noticed is a fair amount of bar seating. I've never been to Brazil, so I don't know what the coffee culture is like, but I guess it might be more akin to a coffee bar than the Starbucks here in the States.

Of course, you can get Brazilian cheese bread (pão de queijo) at Starbucks Brazil:

If you've never tried or heard of it, it's a moist chewy bread made with cassava or corn flour, which gives it a distinctive gooey texture. Cheese is mixed into the dough and gives it flavor.

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