Aug 9, 2012

News: Taco Bell Offers Happy Hour in Los Angeles Area

Taco Bell 99-cent Happy Hour poster.
Taco Bell restaurants in the Los Angeles market are offering a limited-time Happy Hour promotion. Under the promotion, you can get a regular-sized Frutista Freeze or Limeade Sparkler for 99 cents every day between the hours of 2pm to 5pm.

Both drinks are regularly $2 or more. The Frutista Freeze is a flavored ice slush drink and the Limeade Sparkler is a drink of Sierra Mist, lime juice, and various flavored syrups.

The offer is good at participating locations only. It's always good to call ahead and check.

The  Los Angeles market includes Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Benardino, and Ventura Counties.


  1. Ventura County.

    Watch out for the alligator lizards!!!!


    For those unacquainted with what is now ancient, very ancient history, allow me to endow thee with music from long, long ago but at least still within our own galaxy;

  2. How is 2-5 pm happy hour, unless you're unemployed?

  3. I guess you could take a quick break from work and it's also offered on the weekends.


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