Aug 9, 2012

News: Dairy Queen to Add Orange Julius to All Locations

A cup of Orange Julius.
Previously only joined together at DQ/Orange Julius mall locations, Dairy Queen is looking to shore up their smoothie portfolio by adding Orange Julius smoothies and Julius Originals to all Dairy Queen locations.

With smoothies already offered at such rival chains as Burger King and McDonald's as a healthier option, Dairy Queen looks to muscle in with a recognized brand.

Notably, Wendy's has yet to offer any smoothie options.

Orange Julius Premium Fruit Smoothies include real fruit and low-fat yogurt, and are made fresh to order. Julius Originals are also feature real fruit and are blended fresh as well. The available selection of both Julius Originals and fruit smoothies include Orange, Strawberry, Strawberry Banana, Tripleberry, and Mango Pineapple.

Dairy Queen expects smoothies and Originals will be rolled out at over 4,000 Dairy Queen locations in the U.S. and Canada by this November.

Photo via Dairy Queen.


  1. I never see many folks patronizing DQ and I guess it is due to high prices for marginal quality fare.

    When the great fast-food shakedown occurs I believe DQ will be among the early casualties.

    My prognostications regarding things economic have a scarily high reliability rate.

  2. When I was driving through Texas there were tons of DQs, way more than any other chain restaurant. I didn't really understand why, because I also observed that they were usually pretty empty. The other prolific chain there was Sonic's, and they seemed to be doing much better.

  3.  Could be because the franchising cost is relatively low compared to other FF joints.


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