Aug 23, 2012

Review: Papa John's Six Cheese Cheesesticks

Papa John's Six Cheese Cheesesticks are like their regular Cheesesticks, but with six cheese instead of just one. The six cheeses are: mozzarella, Parmesan, Romano, Asiago, provolone and Fontana cheese.

It doesn't look like they're six cheese on top, but I guess they're all melted together. Those little black sprinkles are Papa John's "Special Seasonings." More on that later.

Papa John's sells these in a 10-inch size for $6.50 and 12-inch size for $7.50. Each order comes with pizza sauce and garlic margarine sauce for dipping.

For $1.50 over Papa John's regular Cheesesticks, what I got was just a little more flavor in a similar-looking round of baked pizza dough. The various cheeses don't add that much flavor; I think the six cheeses are dominated by the mozzarella.

The Six Cheese Cheesesticks are pretty plain on their own. I mean, it's baked bread with not-so-flavorful cheese on top. The dipping sauces help, but the end result still isn't much to write home about. I recommend swapping the pizza sauce for Ranch, because otherwise, it kinda feels like you're just eating a cheese pizza.

The cheese sticks are also on the thin side; the thinnest out of all the major chains. I can see people getting the occasionally dry order if they happen to get overcooked in the pizza oven.

For the flavor that these cheese sticks need, you have to make sure to request packets of seasoning when you order your pizza or pick it up. The packets are green and look like this:

I don't know why Papa John's does not include these with every order, because when used sparingly (it gets salty very fast), it turns "meh" into "awesome." The seasoning packets are a must if you like tasty cheese sticks. They add a dose of necessary Italian herb flavor to the otherwise plain cheese sticks.

So in sum, Papa John's Six Cheese Cheesesticks: bland, unless Special Seasonings are added. If you buy these, do yourself a favor and please ask for the seasoning.

In the wide world of cheese sticks, Little Caesar's version are still far superior.

Nutritonal info not available.