Aug 30, 2012

News: KFC Chicken Littles Come to SoCal

KFC is now serving up new Chicken Littles at their southern California locations. Bearing little resemblance to the Chicken Littles of old, which were like mini chicken patty sliders, the new Chicken Littles are very similar to KFC Snackers. Each mini-sandwich consists of a mini hot-dog-bun-like roll with an Extra Crispy Chicken Strip inside along with a pickle slices, and mayo.

They're available for $1.29 each which is the same price as a KFC Snacker.

I still miss the squishy soft bun and chicken patty of the old Chicken Littles though.

I'll have a review up soon!


  1. I received a promotional email giving a hint about these. I'm from Ohio so this may be a national item.
    It had a teaser picture showing just a small bit of the sandwich and the following text:
    "Little is the new big!"
    "Big news, coming soon!"
    "Wait. Maybe it's little news."
    "Either way, stay tuned!"
    Darrel aka chipster22

  2. Maybe they're gearing up for a nationwide rollout!

  3. I got really excited when I read the title. However, I despise chicken sandwiches that have chicken strips or tenders for their meat. I sure do miss those original "chicken littles" from the 80's that were .39!

  4. So are they actually going to get rid of Snackers and replace them with these? They look almost exactly the same, so it seems like it would be rather pointless (it's pretty much just a name change).

    And if they do indeed do that, I wonder if they'll keep the different Snacker varieties. It's been a while since I've had a Snacker though, so I don't even know if they still have them (I was partial to the cheese ones myself).

  5. It doesn't look like it. My local KFC still has Snackers on the menu as well.

  6. I got one of these yesterday after church at the Napoleon, Ohio KFC. The pickles on it gave it a taste reminiscent of a very small Chick-fil-a sandwich. I'd give Chick-fil-a the nod for a better sandwich, although this may beat McDonald's southern chicken sandwich.
    I think it was $1.29 here too.

  7. These are NOT the ORIGINAL chicken little sandwiches! These are like snackers!
    We want the ORIGINAL ones back KFC!

  8. Now we know... a national roll out. And all in all, these are very similar in taste to a "filla" from that other "eat more chicken" place. At 1.29 I think a person MIGHT get more chicken buying 3-4 of these than ONE of the other! We have gone back for more chicken a couple of times, but the newness is wearing off a bit.


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