Aug 8, 2012

News: Burger King - $4.99 King Deals in SoCal

Burger King is running a limited-time promotion in Southern California called "King Deals" where they're offering a different combo during each weekday at a price of $4.99.

Each King Deal comes with you choice of small fries or onion rings, a small soft drink, and a different entree depending on which weekday it is.

The schedule is as follows:

Monday - Tendercrisp Chicken Sandwich
Tuesday - Original Chicken Sandwich
Wednesday - Whopper
Thursday - 5-piece Chicken Strips
Friday - Premium Alaskan Fish Sandwich

The offer is only good at participating Burger King restaurants in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange County, and Ventura, CA and surrounding areas.

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  1. The adage declares that as things go in California the rest of the USA will follow in 20 years.


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