Aug 2, 2012

Pizza Hut Canada's Delayed Gratification Promotion

Pizza Hut Canada's "Don't Open Me" envelope.
Pizza Hut Canada has launched what, to some, might seem a cruel promotion in which they give you an envelope with a guaranteed prize, but to redeem the prize, you can't open the envelope.

Instead, you have to bring back the envelope in September (September 4th to October 31st specifically) where it is then unsealed by the Pizza Hut manager and you can then find out what you won. They're calling it the "'Don't Open Me' challenge."

The prizes range from a $500 travel voucher for Air Canada Vacation to free order of breadsticks.  There's also a grand prize drawing for a vacation package.

The idea is to garner repeat business, but do you really want to wait a month to find out that you won free breadsticks?

The envelopes are given with the purchase of any Pepsi beverage at Canadian dine-in Pizza Hut locations.

Photo via Pizza Hut Canada.


  1. That's the best some corporate-level lackey likely earning the BIG bucks can concoct while those performing the actual face-to-face profit-making tasks are assuredly at the lowest pay levels?


    Just one more reason to continue my ongoing boycott of Pizza Hut. 

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who boycotts them. After being screwed over by them a few times too many I made the decision a couple of years ago to stop going there and haven't been back there since.

  3. I love Pizza Hut, this sounds awesome and fun. Call me one of the sheeple, but I'll happily be in the minority on this one. It's something different, I'd happily take my stupid prize back and pick up a stuffed crust pizza with my silly prize

  4. Haha, I think I would be one of the people who try and hold it up to the light to see what my prize is.


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