Aug 24, 2012

News: Chicken Soup for the Soul Now Makes Chicken Soup for Your Tummy

In an ironic twist, Chicken Soup for the Soul, best known for a series of books on inspiration and improvement, have created a line of (physical and not spiritual) soups that you to buy at the supermarket.

Sadly, the line won't be called "Chicken Soup for the Body," but has seven soups slated to arrive in stores in early 2013, and looks to expand into other foodstuffs throughout 2013 and leading into 2014.

The soup line up will initially include: Chicken Noodle, Chicken and Rice, Creamy Tomato, Mushroom Barley, Country Style Squash, Sweet Corn and Chipotle, and Hearty Black Bean. They'll be available in 15 oz and 24 oz reusable and recyclable traditional glass mason jars. No word on pricing thus far.