Aug 13, 2012

News: Mountain Dew - New Malt-Flavored Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew is out with a new malt-flavored Mountain Dew soda (isn't malt usually associated with beer and ice cream shakes?). They're calling the first batch Mountain Dew Johnson City Gold after their roots, but it's only in select stores for a limited time and only in the Midwest, Denver, and Charlotte (Mountain Dew was first started in Johnson City, TN).

But don't you fret! Mountain Dew is planning a second batch to release nationwide but they want Mountain Dew fans to name it. Basically, they're inviting fans to visit their website for an opportunity to re-name the soda and re-design the packaging.

The new flavor won't be released nationally until 2013. But when it comes, it will sport one of six winning designs and names depending on six regions of the U.S.: South, Southwest, Northwest, Northeast, Great Plains, and Great Lakes.


  1. Hopefully in 2013 when they're out nationally!

  2. mountain dew should put out an IPA. their known for being 'citrus soda'...IPAs are basically citrus beers...hops and mountain dew, actually sounds really delicious.


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