Aug 18, 2012

Around the World: McDonald's Taiwan - Hello Kitty McDonald's Plush Dolls

McDonald's x Hello Kitty in Taiwan.
While not as extravagant as the Hello Kitty Fairy Tales promotion in Hong Kong earlier this year, McDonald's Taiwan is currently offering a limited-time run of four Hello Kitty plush dolls dressed up as the McDonaldland characters.

The dolls are about 6" tall and the available characters are Ronald McDonald, Birdie, The Hamburglar, and Grimace. The Ronald and Hamburglar versions are currently available while the Birdie dolls are set to release on 8/20 with Grimace soon following after on 8/23.

Apparently, they're going quite fast (like good-luck-getting-one fast if the McDonald's Taiwan Facebook page is any indication) and cost 99 NT$ (~$3.30) each with a food purchase.

The same promotion was offered early this summer in Singapore and last year in Hong Kong. Such promotions have been highly successful for McDonald's in the past, as well as frustrating for fans (think Beanie Babies Happy Meals during the Beanie Babies craze).

McDonald's Singapore's similar promotion earlier this year.
Of course, for those not in Taiwan, there's always Ebay.