Aug 26, 2012

KFC Singapore Introduces New Shrimp Stars

A box of KFC Shrimp Stars.
I've heard of star-shaped chicken nuggets, but never star-shaped shrimp nuggets so here you go: KFC Singapore just started offering new Shrimp Stars.

KFC Shrimp Stars look to be a good size and are breaded and deep-fried; a good match for KFC. They're offered in a "Snackers" combo deal with 4 Shrimp Stars, fries and a medium drink for 3.95 Singapore Dollars (~$3.15 U.S.).

Other entrees available in KFC Snackers Combos include: Fish Donuts, a Drumstick, a Shrooms burger, a KFC Roller, Original Recipe Fillet Burger, and Popcorn Chicken.

If you're wondering what a Fish Donut is, it's pretty much a ring-shaped fish stick that KFC Singapore has offered since February 2012. It's also available at KFC Thailand.

KFC Fish Donuts.

Here in the U.S., while rival chain Popeyes has offered various shrimp and fish items now and again, KFC has thus far resisted serving the ocean-bound crustaceans (except for a limited time in Hawaii back in 2010, as well as 2011).

Photos via KFC.

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