Aug 27, 2012

News: Starbucks - Buy Four Drinks, Get One Free

Rejoice thoughtful people (or eager gofers or bright-eyed interns), Starbucks is offering a bonus for those office runs (or group orders) for coffee. In a promotion they're calling "Starbucks Runner Rewards," Starbucks is offering a free drink when you buy 4 drinks (i.e. when you make a Starbucks runs for your friends, family, or co-workers) at participating Starbucks stores.

You'll want to print out an order form to take advantage of the offer. It's a PDF you can access directly on the Starbucks website here.

The offer is good starting tomorrow, 8/28/12, and running through 11/12/12. Just buy any four handcrafted beverages at full price and get a fifth handcrafted beverage of your choice for free (bottled beverages do not count as "handcrafted").


  1. Does this only work if you take in the form?

  2. I'm not sure. It seems like you do. It'll probably be easier to write it down, then remember four orders (plus your own). The instructions on their site: say to fill it out so I'd go with that.

  3. I was at a Safeway today and passed by the Starbuck's there and they had a sign that said $2 iced grande drinks after 2 P.M from Aug. 31-Sept. 3. I don't suppose you know anything about it and whether or not it's something Safeway is doing or if all the Starbucks will be carrying that deal?

  4. I work at Starbucks, and you can get the free drink without the form. Just mention to your barista that you're the runner, and your fifth drink is on us!


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