Aug 6, 2012

Domino's Offers 50% Off Pizza This Week - Online Only

Several Domino's pizzas.
is once again offering their pizzas for 50% off regular menu prices ordered through online orders this week only. The promotion runs through Sunday, August 12, 2012.

To take advantage of the offer, you can order online on your computer as well as via mobile on Domino's mobile site or using Domino's smartphone app and use the code "50off."

Please do keep in mind that the 50% off only applies to the pizza portion of your order and is only valid for online orders at participating Domino's locations.

For some nice savings, under the promo, an Artisan pizza is only $4.

Photo via Domino's.


  1. IMO this deal brings the price of their pizzas to what they should be

  2. Damn, I just bought Dominos last week that's still kicking around in the fridge... Now I wish I had waited to satisfy my pizza craving (and saved a few bucks in the process).

  3. I think their deal where you can get 2 medium pizzas for $5.99 is very fair. When it comes to what their regular menu prices are though, I'd probably agree with you. I can't remember the last time I got one of their pizzas at the menu price though, so I'm not sure.

  4. The last time they did this none of their in-store deals were in effect online, so the 50% off only knocked them down to the same price (or more) I could get them at using those in-store deals. So this isn't really a great deal for me, but I guess it's good if you prefer to order online.

    Plus, I just bought some Domino's last week anyway, so I wouldn't need to get some so soon again anyway (though, as much as I love Domino's, I could see myself doing so). I actually ordered the medium two-topping pizza for $6 but they accidentally gave me a large instead, so that alone was already a great deal.

  5. Papajohns is doing a deal too, use the "Summer50" coupon, it ends August 12th, and Papajohns has better pizza imo

  6. Aww I'm finally gonna be in a town that has a Papa John's on August 14, talk about bad timing. I'm still looking forward to trying it, I've never had a convenient chance and it doesn't seem something worth driving a half hour for.

  7. Yeah, I heard about it, but couldn't find anything official... I tested it out and it works so I guess I'll write up a post. Thanks!

  8. The Disgruntled aspect of my Old Cootness predicts that ordering using the mentioned method will result in 50 percent off... 4 slices instead of 8 and a semi-circle-shaped pizza.


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