Aug 5, 2012

Neat! Lavazza Cookie Coffee Cup

Behold the Lavazza Cookie Cup in all it's awesome glory! It's an edible espresso cup that's made to be eaten after the espresso has been finished.

The cup was designed by a collaborative effort between designer Enrique Luis Sardi, the Lavazza Training Centre team, and confectioner Cataldo Parisi.

The cup is made of pastry dough cooked in cup-shaped molds and the inside is covered with an insulating glaze of sugar and gum arabic which serves to waterproof the cup as well as lending sweetness to the coffee. The label is printed on edible paper.
I really want to try these, but unfortunately, as far as I know, these have never made it out of the test lab to actual production. You can't buy them anywhere that I know of. I suppose you can petition Lavazza, but since these were actually developed back in 2003, it's a bit of a long shot.